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Start your Self-Record Virtual Survey Now!

With a Virtual Survey, all of your moving dreams will come true!​ All you need is your smart phone or tablet! Avoid surprises with our GUARANTEED MOVE PRICE!

How it works


The Form will give you a link to click on, taking you to a web app (No downloading required!).


Tour the house, including the garage and outside, and don't forget to verbally mention any hidden items, such as those in the attic.

Our Team will review your video, entering everything into our software which allows us to give you our GUARANTEED MOVE PRICE.

You don’t have to worry about answering your door or physically walking someone through your home. The Virtual Survey is the easiest and quickest way to get your moving quote. If you'd like to schedule a 2-way video call or require a rep to perform an on-site survey in person, please call  832-356-9901 

(option 1).

  • A video that allows our team to estimate even better than if we were on-site (in most cases).

    Our Estimators no longer need to remember what they saw or what you said, its thoroughly combed through, entered into our system for a Guaranteed Move Price, also known as a Flat-Rate Move.

  • ​If you would like a quote on packing, we will estimate the amount/sizes of boxes from your video, and, from our average boxes used for your type of move.

    Full Pack
    We will give an out-the-door price for all Packing Labor, Boxes, Packing Paper, and Tape to pack absolutely everything.

    Partial Pack

    We only charge for what we actually pack & the boxes used!So if you pack more boxes before the move, or get your own boxes, that will make your packing price be that much less.

  • ​It's exactly what you hoped for; an all-inclusive cost for your moving project - ahead of time! Legally, this is referred to as a "Binding Estimate", many refer to it as a "Flat-Rate" Estimate.

    ​We give a Guaranteed Price on all move types including:

    • LOCAL (Moving within adjacent counties).

    • INTRASTATE (Moving beyond a local move, but within Texas).

    • INTERSTATE (Moving across state lines). 

When it comes to moving, Love’s Pro is your go-to moving company. Our team of experienced movers are passionate about getting your belongings to your new location safely and efficiently.

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