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Meet the Mover

You’ve met “the Mover’s Wife” now it’s time to meet “the Mover.”

My husband Justin Velez has over 13 years experience in the moving industry and as a business owner.

I don’t believe the man’s brain is ever at rest, always brainstorming and dreaming the next big idea. He gives 100% or nothing at all. He’s willing to take risks and jump into something new. He’s the reason anything gets started.

Justin has jumped right into Texas culture after marrying a Texas girl and having two more Texas girls of his own. Other than his flip-flops and saying highway names with “the” in front of the numbers, you wouldn’t know he’s not from around here! With his outgoing and gregarious personality, Texas feels like the place he was meant to be.

Despite the never-ending demands of business ownership, Justin always has time for his girls (all three of them!) who think the world of him. Our girls are so blessed to have a daddy who is present and involved.

You will hear from him here on the blog from time to time, so stay tuned to hear about moving straight from the horse’s mouth!


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