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Long Distance

Are you considering a cross-country or

state-to-state move?

Let Loves Pro Moving help you relocate from Houston and surrounding areas to anywhere in the lower 48 United States guaranteeing to make the entire relocation easy. We are committed providing you with a seamless moving experience, ensuring that your household goods are protected the right way, while arriving promptly and within budget. We are a licensed and insured long-distance moving company with the highest rating reviews for any moving company in the country. Our long-distance Team of moving experts arrive on moving day with the necessary supplies and tools, while handling all your household goods items with extra care. We will use the best techniques to pack, transport, and unpack your belongings and all our Team members have a minimum of 5 years moving experience. We pay attention to details, big or small to ensure that your walls, doors, and floors are protected throughout your entire move.

What You Need to Know About

Long Distance Moves

Have you recently received a moving quote and noticed the term “delivery spread” or “required delivery date” included in the quote, stating we guarantee your household goods will be delivered within three weeks from date of pickup? What the moving companies don’t want you to know is that with the shortage of drivers coupled with them not caring about an exact delivery date as well as their mandate to make as much money as possible regardless of customer service, they will never send a truck, from one coast to another, unless their entire truck is filled to capacity. Now imagine you are moving from Houston, Texas to San Jose, California and your household goods fit into half of a 50-foot trailer. The driver comes to your home and loads your items onto his truck but what happens from that point forward with your items as your mover has guaranteed delivery within three weeks (we all know it doesn’t take three weeks to drive from Houston to San Jose)? Once the trailer is loaded at your origin residence, your household goods are transported back to a local warehouse where they will stay until another truck arrives that is heading to California. A long or short while later the truck does arrive, but it is VERY unlikely that they will have a full truck load heading to San Jose so more than likely the truck will be heading to a large city that they consider a depot (since your goods are headed to San Jose in this example, the depot city will be San Francisco). Your goods are then unloaded at the warehouse in San Francisco, waiting another truck to move your goods to your new residence in San Jose. This process
happens on almost every move so think about how many times your goods are bring loaded and unloaded on different trucks and how many different people are touching your household goods in a very short period of time, prior to reaching your final destination. Think of all the damage that will occur to your household goods from being touched that many times. When we explain the process of how competitors ship goods across the country. they are simply horrified about this process and don’t want any part of using a major van line. We explain that they should be prepared to file a claim for lost, damaged or destroyed items which takes months and months before a final settlement offer is presented. This process of moving household goods is old and antiquated and will never be used at Loves Pro Moving.

What We Do to Make Your Long Distance

Move Seamless

We arrive on the scheduled date and time, load your goods onto our truck then either that day or first thing the next morning, we start driving to your final destination. Your household items are touched twice, once to load and the second time to unload, its that simple and it’s that easy. Hopefully you can now see why Loves Pro Moving is the highest rated moving company on Yelp and Google, that’s why we have a five-star rating at the Better Business Bureau and that’s why we are the most trusted moving company in the country.

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