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Find out why we are the best long distance moving company in your area!

We are a Carrier (not a broker) and take our customer's directly to their new home, no unnecessary temporary storage or use of 3rd-party transportation companies .

Long Distance Movers

Serving Greater Lake Conroe, Houston to the 48 States

The Relocation Experts Are Here For You

Packing and Unpacking

Don’t have time to pack? Our full and partial packing options can save you time and eliminate stress. Need help getting organized? Try our unpacking service option. Let us customize a packing plan to fit your timeline and financial plan.

Auto Hauling

Get a quick price for hauling your car/truck/motorcycle anywhere in the lower 48 States.

Debris Removal

Hauling away that big pile of trash will give your household peace. Ask about this service for all kinds of removal as well as donation furniture / items.


We offer Climate and non-climate storage. Our storage is unique in that you only pay for what you store, not empty space! get rates as low as $70/mo per unit, and only a $5-15 per item charge overflow; pro-rated for the days into Storage.

What Is a Long-Distance Move?

Long-distance moves, such as cross-country, interstate, or state-to-state relocations, differ significantly from local moves within the same metro area or intrastate moves within the same state. These long-distance relocations involve unique laws, procedures, risks, and logistical considerations. Companies that specialize in local moves but lack experience in long-distance relocations may introduce unnecessary risks due to their unfamiliarity with the complexities involved.

Hire the Right Long Distance Mover

Interstate moves require authorization, and we're licensed for such services. When moving across states, research movers thoroughly. Consider what being "fully licensed & insured" entails for your belongings. Ensure your mover complies with federal regulations for interstate moves, as set by FMCSA. Be aware that movers can retain your items until payment is made, and understand your contract's terms, as they differ among companies and often favor the mover.

Texas #1 Mover

A seamless move day experience is hard to come by. We know there are other moving companies out there, but what we offer is consistent premium service that is friendly, hard-working, and talented well beyond industry standards. 

We put people first and that starts by taking care of our movers--the ones out there day in, day out. We only hire the top-tier drivers and professional movers so our company is equipped to tackle any situation with flying colors.

We strive to integrate the latest technology, using our virtual surveys, electronic paperwork, and a portal where you can see all the details for your move. We properly follow all Texas DOT regulating and put safety first. We work tirelessly to provide you with an unforgettable moving experience.

Get a Long-Distance Moving Quote

Discover the cost of your cross-country journey with a detailed quote.

The red carpet that Loves’s Pro Moving Company rolls out at your front door for floor protection means so much more! It definitely symbolizes the service you will receive in the special treatment and care of the contents of your home.

Client Review

We needed a local mover in The Woodlands area on short notice. Love’s quickly prepared an estimate and assigned a team to us. Very professional, careful, and efficient. Also very friendly. We’ll use Love’s again. Highly recommend.

Drew Carlyle

Client Review

Professional and courteous crew. Big shout out to Justin! The entire experience has been phenomenal and hassle-free. Crew has been very accommodating and patient with our requests. Definitely recommend to all.

Charlie McMann

Client Review

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